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Mountain Altai. Small Ring Journeys


We invite You to participate in a unique car tour from SAIKOL TRAVEL
«Mountain Altai. Small Ring Journeys»

This is a journey that includes the maximum number of opportunities from SAIKOL, and therefore-and impressions. We have traveled tens of thousands of kilometers of Altai mountains and steppes, studied a lot of scientific papers and selected the best so that .your acquaintance with the Altai mountains turned into an adventure that will be remembered forever.

You will travel along the legendary Chuyskiy tract, Ulagansky highlands and the picturesque valley of Chulyshman, overcome mountain passes, stop to rest and have lunch in such beautiful and different places, where the comfortable tents SAIKOL GLAMPING and SAIKOL TRACT HOTEL are located, make radial hiking tours to geological and historical sites and, starting with a fabulous island Kamain, from South to North you will pass the waters of lake Teletskoye.

What will impress you most? Martian landscapes of the Kurai steppe or snow-white caps of the North Chui ridge? Ancient mounds of mysterious Pazyryk people or a breathtaking descent along the steep zigzags of the atu-Yaryk pass? The most picturesque Chulyshmansky valley with stone mushrooms of the Akkurum tract or the splash of waves rolling on the shore of the warm oasis of Kamain island?

You will learn a lot of interesting details about everything you see from our SAIKOL audio guide app. We will make sure that your companion is always in a good mood. Have a nice trip!

Сайкол Тревел

An auto trip in figures

4 specially prepared SAIKOL offroaders

4 personal guide-drivers

3 locations from SAYKOLGLAMPING in places of amazing beauty

and 1 location Saikol Tract hotel in a real black taiga, 40 km from Teletskoye lake

7 days 6 nights is the base tour «Gorny Altai. Small Ring Journeys»

10 travelers on tour

18 private Safari tents in three glamping areas in Kurai, Katu-Yaryk and Kamain island with snow-white heated beds and hot water showers

182 tracks in the SAIKOL AUDIO GUIDE in Russian and English, verified by the staff of the National Museum named after Anokhin

about 1000 km — ring route of the base tour

Tours from SAIKOL TRАVEL 2020

4 basic tours with fixed dates

from 20 to 26

from 18 to 24

from 15 to 21

from 5 to 11

Individual traveling program

If you want an individual travel program, please contact us – we will develop a route for any number of days for four personal request with the dates of interest.

Basic tour

Mountain Altai. Small Ring Journeys

(7 days/6 nights)

Why can a basic 7-day tour of the Altai Mountains be rightfully called a special road trip?

Because this is a circular journey through the most unique territories:

  • on a specially prepared SAIKOL offroader
  • accompanied by our guide
  • stopping and staying in SAIKOL glampings in the tents of its own design and production from SAIKOL EQUIP and the hotel-boutique SAIKOL TRACT in the forest near Teletskoye lake.

An trip program:


  • Meeting in Gorno-Altaisk
  • An auto trip on the route Gorno-Altaisk-SAIKOL GLAMPING KURAI
    Stops: source Arzhan-Suu, Breakfast in Ust-Sema, Seminsky pass, Chike-Taman pass, Ilgumen threshold, Yalomansky settlement, Chuy-Oozy and lunch, Kalbak-Tash, Adyr-Kan, monument to K. Snegirev, the Shirlak waterfall, Chui rapids
  • Check in and dinner at SAIKOL GLAMPING KURAI


  • An auto trip and a walking route about 5 km
    Stops: «Fields of Mars» Kyzyl-Chin, a sightseeing trip along the Chui valley to Kosh-Agach
  • Lunch*, a return trip
  • A Hiking sauna in SAIKOL GLAMPING KURAI

* Not included in the tour price. Extra food per person - about 3500 roubles.


  • An auto trip and a walking route (two options for the choice of the guest according to the weather)
    - Blast furnace of Kuektanar, Tytugem waterfall, paragliding start panorama S. Chuya ridge and grasslands
    - A trip to Aktru*

* Not included in the tour price. When choosing a trip to Aktru , the price of a car is 10000r per group (the capacity is 3 persons)


    Stops: A Spring lake, Ulagansky pass, the Pazyryk burial mounds, lakes of Ulagansky plateau
  • Lunch
  • Check - in and dinner at SAIKOL GLAMPING KATU-YARYK


    Stops: the Katu-Yaryk pass, the Chulyshman valley, a boat ride, Stone Mushrooms
  • Lunch
  • Check-in and dinner, sauna in SAIKOL GLAMPING KAMAIN


  • Breakfast at the GLAMPING SAIKAL KAMAIN
  • a Kayaking trip (2 hours)
  • A trip on Lake Teletskoye by ferry or boat*
  • Check in and dinner at the SAIKOL TRACT hotel

* Not included in the tour price. When choosing a boat transfer via Teletskoye - 25000 r per group (The capacity of the boat is 8-10 people)


  • Breakfast at the SAIKOL TRACT hotel and transfer to Gorno-Altaisk

A driver-guide and SAIKOL AUDIO GUIDE are available along the entire route.

Prices for the basic tour

(7 days/ 6 nights)

Цены указаны в тысячах рублей.

Cars on tourPersons on tour
 1234 5678 910

Цены указаны в тысячах рублей.

Cars on tourPersons on tour
 1234 5
Cars on tourPersons on tour
 67 8910

* The maximum number of travelers in the base tour is 10 people.

Have you decided to travel with us?!

Are you planning a trip in the Altai Mountains? SAIKOL TRAVEL is for YOU

Сайкол Тревел

If you have decided on or planned a trip to the Altai Mountains, then the first step is to communicate with our tour operator SAIKOL TRAVEL.

  • We offer to find solitude without feeling lonely.
  • We show nature in its original state.
  • We immerse you in spaces of amazing beauty that make a powerful aesthetic impression.
  • We offer travelers the level of comfort they are used to in everyday urban environments.

ЕсIf you are experienced travelers, you will appreciate the high level of quality and comfort in organizing your trip

We have become a full-service brand, having implemented the principle of "one window" for the traveler in the Altai Mountains. Starting from the organization of the tour to transport, hotel or tent where the guest arrives – everything is our own, designed, created, tested and "sharpened"for maximum comfort.

Are you going with your family?

We'll organize the camping life so that everyone will appreciate the advantages that are important to them, for example: a wife - a shower, excellent cuisine and a rich texture for publications in profiles, children-the first safe experience of communicating with real wildlife, and a husband (or an older child)-felt like a real pioneer-traveler.

Are you looking for privacy without feeling lonely?

Our offer is not a real escape from civilization but a metered solitude. This is always a comfortable point of view of the real wild nature, with which the traveler wanted to unite not excluding a hot shower and freshly brewed coffee.

Do you need to raise the corporate spirit of employees and encourage the best?

This is not an extreme hike, but a game of hiking: metered and controlled extreme sports while maintaining the comfortable conditions that we are used to in our everyday urban life.

Do you dream of visiting places of power and charging with primordial energy?

An auto trip from SAIKOL TRAVEL is a charge of energy from the "spiritual" nature: panoramic views of mountains, rivers and waterfalls; a way to get in harmony with yourselves; a way to share new experiences and knowledge with friends. This makes it possible to emphasize your exclusivity-to show that you can afford to get "exclusive" and not be in the "mainstream".

Do you want experiences that last longer than traveling?

Our mission is to remove a person from the context of their daily life not renouncing the usual comforts that they could not exchange for trifles but “find themselves” dropping the husk of social masks. This is a “game of adventure” where the path to yourself is not through deprivation but through getting and understanding new experiences.

Geography of tours

This season SAIKOL TRAVEL offers a choice of three districts: Turochak, Kosh-Agach and Ulagan. They are unlike each other in terrain and climate. You can visit any of them or you can prefer our branded tour “Mountain Altai. Small Ring Journeys” How can we objectively compare what is better - the majestic panorama of the Kurai high-mountain steppe or the picturesque Chulyshman valley or the incomparable views of Lake Teletskoye? We will present you the unique natural places of the Altai Mountains in the most spectacular, winning light and you will make your own personal rating of them based on the results of the tour.

Find out more by calling +7 968 222-23-23 and choose your travel option — and welcome to make discoveries that will not leave you the same.

After all, as Henry Miller wrote, "the true purpose of your journey is not a place on the map, but a new outlook on life."

Calendar from SAIKOL TRAVEL


01.05.2020 - Start of the season at the SAIKOL TRACT hotel

The beginning of trips on Lake Teletskoye

Maral blooming


01.06.2020 – The beginning of the tourist season, SAIKAL TRAVEL.
The beginning of the tourist season in SAIKOL GLAMPING.

Blooming Siberian globe flowers. The shortest nights.

21.06.2020 - partial solar Eclipse


The period of collecting Altai herbs: cypress, mountain thyme, etc.


8.09 - 16.09.2020 The Cup of Russia on paragliding in Kuray

Fushing season

Watching tha starry sky: Mars, Perseids


Indian summer-the most colourful time of thr year.

РFishing season.

Additional features in the tour

Experts on the territory of the SAIKOL auto trip are geologists, archaeologists, astronomers and employees of the National Museum named after Anokhin.

A Unique auto trip with S.M. Kireev, an archaeologist, senior researcher at the National Museum named after Anokhin in Gorno-Altaisk. During the tour you can learn all the details that concern you about the history of the Altai Mountains, unique finds in the Altai Mountains and just talk to an interesting interlocutor who has been working in the Museum for more than 30 years, a guru in the bronze and early iron age, an expert in Maymin culture, an expert on icons and Russian Ethnography.

Communication with an expert on the history of the Altai National Museum named after Anohin will make the tour unique. You will be shown the place where the world's oldest carpet was found, where the Scythians wore sable fur coats lined with blue silk 2500 years ago and much more.

The Starry sky in the Altai Mountains is a special case for impressions. In the tour there will be an expert in the starry sky. If you want to see Jupiter with its satellites, the rings of Saturn, Mars, bright Venus and the Moon, the Milky Way and hear myths about constellations, then choose the Altai Mountains in July and August.

  • The Milky way (since the new moon is on August 1) is the basic astronomical value of the tour
  • The Sun (using a telescope to look at sunspots if they are in the Sun) during the day
  • Perseids, meteoric shower (active July 17-August 24)
  • Saturn with wide-open rings
  • Cover of Venus by the Moon on July 31
  • Observations of passing the ISS and other artificial Earth satellites

We will talk about the constellations of the summer sky (myths and names), about the treasures hidden among the stars and show them through a telescope and binoculars, count the stars and take photos against the Milky Way.

There will also be many conversations with astronomy gurus on topics:

  • History of the universe
  • Solar system
  • Modern astronomy
  • Giordano Bruno. A genius or a fanatic
  • Observation of the planets
  • Visible something
  • Black holes, myths and realities

an Auto-tour of the Altai Mountains with the participation of an expert in Geology. It will be interesting for those who are interested in the following questions: Why are the mountains in the Altai Mountains of different colors? Where was the bottom of the ancient lake? Why is the giant ripple in the Kurai steppe a unique formation?
and much more.

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